Tribe with us

Writers, Bloggers, And Social Media Savants

Do you enjoy writing? Do you write like you talk? Can you work your cult of followers in social media the way Lady Gaga work her little monsters? Do you eat hashtags for breakfast? Do you want to tribe with other ambitious and Milenials and Gen-Exers? Well, you’re in the right place.  Plug in with us and show us a sample of your work.

Audio / Video Content Specialists Editors

We only want to publish the highest quality video possible.  We have three investors queuing up to buy your digital toys. So show us your work and ability.

Inner Circle and Accountability Partners

We Guys behind are very discriminating when it comes to training.  We  invest thousands of dollars on in training and mentorship. Yes, you heard it. Dollars. That’s because we seek out only the best in the world  class mentors. By mentors we mean those thought leaders who are high on talent and integrity and LOW on ego. High on Talent and low on EGO.

These trainings and mentorships though are not cheap especially for thirdworlders like us Pinoys.  IF you want a back door access to the best knowledge and practices, we’re the guys you want to know.